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Linda King: Designer, Photographer, Retoucher, Creative Artist.

Tasteful photo retouching, photographic enhancements, creative photographic artistry. Retouching, Restoration, Special Effects.

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Linda R. King - Palm Beach Creative Services, Inc.

About Palm Beach Creative

PB Creative Services

Palm Beach Creative Services is the parent company of Graphics Palm Beach and Photography Palm Beach, owned and operated by Floridian and Palm Beach County resident, Linda King.

The primary objective of Palm Beach Creative is to empower the client with an effective visual message, unique and appropriate to their needs; while also producing a product that is tasteful, user friendly, functional and effective in meeting the client's goals.

Linda King endeavors to combine creativity with the benefits of technology to showcase the client's identity in a manner that is consistent with who the client is, and what the client stands for.

Graphics Palm Beach

Graphics Palm Beach is a subsidiary of Palm Beach Creative Services, Inc.

Photography Palm Beach

Photography Palm Beach is a subsidiary of Palm Beach Creative Services.

Services include commercial photography, photo retouching, product photography, equine portraiture.

Products include landscape and nature photography, sold as fine art prints and stock photos.

Web Hosting

In order to save the client money and give the client control over their web hosting and domain name, I encourage my clients to purchase their own domain name and web hosting through iPower. I've been using iPower for many years and have found them to be reliable, responsive, and cost effective.


About Linda King

Linda King

Linda King is a multi-faceted digital artist and photographer, with over 20 years experience in custom design work related to Websites and print design projects.

Linda King specializes in Custom Websites, Flash Animation, Print Design Projects including brochures, annual reports, automotive, promotional, post cards, and more…

Photography includes products, company portraits, on-site premises of client businesses, and stock photos for design projects. Photography as a stand-alone includes family portraits, events, and some fine art related to equine, landscape and children.

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Linda King has a solid foundation in Adobe Photoshop, which has progressed through constant diligence and training since starting with version 2.5, all the way to the latest premium extended version.

Skilled also in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Quark XPress, Adobe GoLive, Adobe Flash Professional, and Adobe DreamWeaver, Linda is qualified to bring a wide range of skills to each client's project.

As a graphic artist and photographer, Linda King is conscientious about producing high quality work that both she and the client can be proud of.

Linda has a wide range of clients. Visit her portfolio to see if her style is right for your design or photographic project. See samples of past work from Websites, print design projects, digital artwork, and photographic jobs.

Digital Artist: Linda R. King
Posted November, 2011

Designer/Photographer/Photoshop Specialist:

Linda King, Palm Beach Gardens

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