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Linda King: Designer, Photographer, Retoucher, Creative Artist.

Tasteful photo retouching, photographic enhancements, creative photographic artistry. Retouching, Restoration, Special Effects.

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Linda R. King - Digital Artist

Linda R. King is a native Floridian with strong family ties to wildlife conservation, leading to a greater appreciation for the beauty of nature and particularly Florida’s natural resources.

Linda’s appreciation for nature and landscape fine art was strongly influenced through her late brother John C. Jones, a leading conservationist who spent most of his life advocating preservation issues such as Big Cypress National Preserve, the Kissimmee River Restoration Act, and so much more.

By trade Linda is a self-educated graphic artist and web designer who has come to pursue photography and fine art as a natural extension of her design and photo retouching business. Linda broadened her photographic skills throughout the past decade when asked by clients to photograph product, portrait, and other mediums in conjunction with design related jobs, all merging into her appreciation for fine art.

Linda started life with learning disorders including classic dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. By the gift of God’s grace, her life has turned into a joyful and fulfilling adventure. She has allowed her limitations to produce determination and tenacity to acquire a wide range of skills.

Linda specializes in various forms of digital fine art, meticulously combining years of traditional Photoshop skills with a keen eye for detail and a heart to inspire. With a love for people and nature, Linda hopes to inspire and convey her life message through each project.

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Linda King is an affiliate of the 110 East Atlantic Art Exhibit.

Art Exhibit at 110 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida

Linda R. King, Art Exhibit at 110 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida

Vivid Expression in Art Exhibit with Linda R. King 2011

Art Exhibit at 110 East Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, Florida

Live in Delray

What a great place is East Atlantic Avenue at night! I enjoyed the exhibit so much. East Atlantic Avenue is a hopping place at night, or at least on Thursday nights. There are restaurants all down the street, with a beautiful French Cafe right next door to the 110 Art Exhibit. There is live music, people socializing and dancing in the street. Lots of different vendors… and just a fun lively place. It's worth going down there for a night out. And I believe the Art Exhibit is open each night, so if you do go down be sure to pop in and check out all the artist's work.

Past Involvement

Professional Photographer's Guild of the Palm Beaches

Served on the Board of Directors for the Profession Photographer's Guild from 2007-2010. Newsletter Editor/Designer and Web Master/Design for the Palm Beach Photographer's Guild Website.

Signing off letter from the Photographer's Guild Newsletter, end of 2010. Click to view larger version.

A Letter to Brooke

Photography Questions Answered

The following letter was in response to a request I received from a Middle School Student in North Carolina named Brooke. Brooke found my photography website and asked if she could do a research paper on me as a photographer. I ended up sharing with her a synopsis of my life story. Later I was rewarded by an email from her teacher saying Brooke's project was wonderful.  She earned a 95 on her research paper, and a 100 on her oral presentation. Her teacher went on to say, "I was so very proud of her. I can not thank you enough... You are a remarkable woman and you touched her more than you will know..." AJ

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Linda's VitaTips

Healthy Histogram Appetizer

A histogram is a graph that represents the distribution of the brightness information in a photo. The left side represents shadows. The right side represents highlights. If either side has spikes that means clipping has occurred. Clipping means loss of detail. Clipping of the shadows means 100% black, and clipping of the highlights means 100% white.

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Graphic Art & Photography

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